Back Office Support

Some of the essential processes making you run all around the clock are managing the student requests, approvals and keeping them and agents engaged with continuous activities. We understand your tedious and strenuous work schedules, and we do everything to let it loose out for you. We take care of your representatives and handle your inquiry and provide recruitment, enrollment outreach, as well as other processes for you.

Partnering with Nuhorizons will enable your organization to advance to the achievement of your objectives.

back office support

Positive outcomes of
outsourcing to Nuhorizons

Operations Efficiency:

The school organization's workers must concentrate on mission-critical goals like coordinating high-quality classrooms and so on. Outsourcing some of your activities to Nuhorizons would allow them the time and money to work on these priorities.

Skilled Expertise:

Our well-trained experts will execute the outsourced process with honesty and commitment, ensuring that the best possible outcomes are provided to your organization within the timeline expected. This will increase the process productivity of your business.

Scalable Processes:

The institution may experience peak activity at some times of the year, such as during students' enrolment for a new session or during the annual festival. You may rely on Nuhorizons to ramp up the staff allocated to your project as per demand.

Technology grade:

Nuhorizons uses best-in-class technologies to ensure that outsourced processes are delivered smoothly. Only the most relevant software will be included in your project. Our service with the most advanced IT architecture would ensure that your operations are always up and running.

Data Security:

We have strict data protection controls to secure all of your sensitive information. Information about candidates, as well as their financial information, would be kept confidential. You need not worry about the mishandling of your data at Nuhorizons.

Industry Standard:

Regardless of the process, we make sure to execute it according to global best practices to achieve the best possible result. All outsourced systems are fine-tuned to produce the right outcomes using validated metrics and Primary Performance Measures (KPIs).